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Move closer and bask in pure awe with the crystal clear water of Talicud Island.


Island Garden City of Samal, partly shares a portion of Davao Del Norte’s territory and Mindanao’s island group, is made up of two islands - Samal Island and Talicud Island. It has three districts namely; Babak, Peñaplata and Kaputian. Untouched white beaches serve as its playground while hills, mountains and luxuriant woods essentially play as the island’s cushion. The island has a total of 45 barangays; each is named to what the place is known for – either its major merchandise or the most famous person who once inhabited the area; and is manage by local government and tourism officers.

Inviting view of Isla Reta's beach just a few minutes after sunrise


From Davao Airport via Sta. Ana. Wharf

1. Get a cab going to Sta. Ana Wharf,  which is just a stone’s throw away from Magsaysay Park; travel time is about 30 minutes; fare is  little less than Php 200.

2. From Sta. Ana Wharf, hop into one of the vessels bound for the island; several boats each with designated destinations – Igacos, Kaputian and Talicud. There are some vessels though that cruise across the entire island and would drop off passengers depending on their target points. The travel time is about an hour; fare is between Php 50 – Php 70.


Island Garden City of Samal, being comprised of numerous barangays, is accessible by boat, tricycle, habal-habal and private vehicles. Transfers from one resort to another should not pose any problem since boats have daily trips on a precise scheduled time. You may need to coordinate with the resort staff if you are planning to depart the island outside the fixed schedule.

How could this blossom-filled garden instantly freshens you up?

LIVELIHOOD | Talicud Island

The Island has been vested with one of the richest coastal communities and abundant tropical garden in the country. This explains why people of Samal have made use of these resources to make a living through shell gathering, fishing, copra farming and fish preservation by means of drying. Its progressive advancement as a famous vacation spot has opened many opportunities for the locals to pursue jobs which are highly inclined towards tourism – tourist guides, boatmen, entertainers, cooks and staff in various resorts. Having this said, tourism and the local government are rapidly rolling through collective efforts of both parties.

An edenic sight from a careful sneak peek 

STAY | Isla Reta, Talicud Island

Several beach resorts in Samal are advantageously scattered throughout the island and most of these resorts have their own boats which grant direct access to travelers and guests. From the most expensive to the cheapest rate that you can imagine, Samal gives you the freedom of choice; it all boils down to one’s budget and travel plans. One of the most famous resorts in the island of Talicud is Isla Reta. The place is celebrated mostly by backpackers since it bargains cut-rate lodging and reasonable pricing of menu in their restaurant. Well maintained common rest room and shower rooms are provided for guests; keep in mind that water supply on these areas is saltwater. There are three types of accommodation to choose from; A/C rooms start from Php 1000, Fan rooms are charge at Php 700-800 and tents can be rented at Php 400. You will be saving a few bucks if you bring your own tent, since pitching is only charged at a very low cost of Php 100 per night. For an overnight stay, adult guests are charged Php 200, split that amount for kids.

Isolation at its finest

How To Get To Isla Reta

From Sta. Ana Wharf
Option A
There are 3 vessels which are bound for Talicud Port that cruise daily; please see details below for your reference:
MBCA SHIRLEY                  : Departs at 06:00 AM
MBCA JESSA-EXPRESS     : Departs at 06:15 AM
MBCA PACIFIC                   : Departs at 03:00 PM

** Once Talicud Port is reached, hail a habal bound for Isla Reta. An unhurried 10 minute stroll is estimated due to close range of the resort from the port. **

Option B
Six vessels leave Sta. Ana Wharf daily and can drop off guests to Talicud Port: Please see details below for your reference:

ML PALBROS                       : Departs at 09:15 AM bound for Kaputian Igacos
MLBCA PACIFIC                 : Departs at 10:00 AM bound for Talicud Igacos
MV PALBROS                      : Departs at 12:00 PM bound for Kaputian Igacos
MBCA JESSA EXPRESS     : Departs at 12:30 AM bound for Talicud Igacos
MBCA SHIRLEY                  : Departs at 01:30 AM bound for Kaputian Igacos
ML GRACE                          : Departs at 03:15 AM bound for Kaputian Igacos

** Once Talicud Port is reached, hail a habal bound for Isla Reta. An unhurried 10 minute stroll is estimated due to close range of the resort from the port. **

Option C
Or if you get a little lucky, you can catch some vessels – MBCA Isla Reta, ML Shirley;  which have direct access to Isla Reta. There is really no fixed schedule for the departure time as the availability of the boats depends on the number of passengers and guests with definite reservations.

View of the resort's dock area 40 minutes after five in the morning

Marine ropes or called "line" aboard, are used for docking, anchoring and rigging.

Rest Room Area
Kare means male, he or boyfriend in Japanese.
Kanojo is translated as she or girlfriend.

Bathing using the well to wash off the saltiness of the ocean after a quick swim was a real epic.

Water well or "balon" in Filipino, an excavation, used to access groundwater.

To use: Drop the empty container which is fastened atop.
It gets filled once it reaches the surface of the water.
Then, bring it up by pulling
Cool, diba?

FOOD | Talicud Island

The island of Talicud is spectacularly isolated from lavish commodities. Foods that are served on the table generally depend on the catch of the day. A few residents, though, make use of their available piece of land either for farming or livestock industry. Fresh and dried fishes, shellfish or any type of marine life that is acceptably edible are widely available for trade and household consumption. Tropical and seasonal fruits are being sold for a cheap deal. Thick tropical trees and bushes are perfectly clustered along the island. You can enjoy having coconuts daily and watch how the locals climb up to trees and chopped it off in front of you. Isla  Reta has a restaurant that offers basic menu for its guests with reasonable pricing. Breakfast Silogs start from Php 120 – 150, while short orders for lunch and dinner range from Php 200 – 300.

Davao's native lechon
Php 400/kg

Gaya-gaya, puto maya!
"Puto Maya", is steamed glutinous rice seasoned with coconut milk.
Php 5

San Antonio de Padua Parish Church, Talicud Island, Samal
Feast Day: June 12-13

Majority of the population of Samal is comprised primarily of Roman Catholic while a small number of people belong to Christian related groups; non-Christians – Islam, Buddhism etc., completes the rest.

The simplicity of the people on this paradise is probably what sets them apart from the ordinary. During mornings, the suburban streets (quite bumpy) are crammed by housewives carefully sweeping off the dirt from all corners. While elderly enjoy their unpretentious chats over puto maya and hot coffee.  

Inshore waters at Isla Reta in Talicud Island
- clear and almost always undisturbed.

One of the nice locals, whom I asked politely, took this photo.

A starfish, picked up by a kid, was given to me while I was bumming along the shore.
I returned it to the sea soon after taking a pic of it.

Go screw the selfie, I'm postin' it anyway ^^

Magandang umaga, Pilipinas! - Haring Araw

Beach front interpreted just a little cooler than usual.
Wake up, stretch your legs and witness how the sun greets the world graphically.
One of the perks of outside accommodation is you get to see a picture,
operating at 1080/60 frames per second;
no replay, just real time.

This is the kind of comforting warmth we all wish to have
- either from a cup of coffee or from an early blaze.


Sink into your thoughts and be stunned as you watch the rising of the moon behind the mountains.

Freedom is a state of mind.

How ironic it is to realize that humans, just like birds, when chained feel free.
Release them; they’d think they’re repressed. - lovern

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